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The bell hooks phone line bothers me


Practicing consent is a model of accountability that affirms dignity and is most meaningful when it centres the intersections of oppression and colonialism. This is an essential part of feminism, one that all genders need to be embrace and embody; smashing heteropatriarchy is critical to collective liberation.

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A Florida woman was sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot at her allegedly abusive husband. Claiming self-defense, just as George Zimmerman did in the Trayvon Martin shooting trial, a jury convicted Marissa Alexander of Jacksonville of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Alexander, 31, said she feared for her life when she fired a bullet into the wall of her home in August 2010. The Jacksonville mother of three had a protective order against her husband.

No one was hurt in the shooting, but a jury found her guilty on May 11, and she was given the mandatory minimum sentence under the gun law: 20 years.

Alexander had never been in trouble with the law before, but Circuit Court Judge James Daniel said he wouldn’t allow for any circumstances to reduce the sentence below the 20-year minimum.

Who does the American justice system really serve?


Performing Mexicanidad

“One of the ways in which queer political cabaret undoes this complicated position that the queer and racialized body occupies in culture is by excessively and humorously proposing alternate ways of seeing ourselves.”

Gutierrez, Laura G. Performing Mexicanidad: Vendidas Y Cabareteras on the Transnational Stage. Austin: University of Texas, 2010. Print.