Yoko Ono Screaming at Art Show!

I’m trying to really keep this blog alive and develop it into something of interest and quality. However, without a real direction or purpose, it’s a little challenging. I know I want to take this to a place that discusses Latina identity, Performativity (a la Butler-ish) and other topics that cross between culture, race, art, literature, poetry, gender, sex.

Still, I want this to be my blog and post whatever I want. I’m torn. Maybe I should build a Tumblr for my own personal musings. If you have any tips, let me know.

In the meantime, let’s take a quick look at Yoko Ono’s 2010 performance at MOMA. Performance Art is something that I’m extremely interested in. It’s something that I feel I might one day do, that connects extremely well with theater and that can convey so many interesting things that are not touched upon in other art mediums (such as traditional/conventional theater). However, I don’t always “get” it. Sometimes, I get that I’m not supposed to and that’s fine. Other times it just seems so pretentious and empty that I refuse to try and “get” it. There’s also the performances that are meant to be meaningless as some sort of exploration or criticism of _________.

Performance Art is such a hit and miss. Both with me and with audiences. I don’t want to promote or admire an artist just because they call themselves such. I feel very much this way about Yoko Ono. I think she’s coasted on her fame (ahem…John’s fame…ahem) and has developed a cult following. But for what? I don’t see there being a lot of weight or depth to her “art.”

She behaves as someone that’s mastered the system of fame, much like Warhol. I suppose I should admire that about her.

Either way, I prefer art that is politically-charged that can inspire and move audiences. Not that I pretend to know what these screams try to convey, but whatever it is, all they make me want to do is turn off the sound.


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