San Diego Comic-Con 2013

What a great event to attend at least once in a lifetime. Talk about geek/nerd cultures clashing into one spectacular fireworks show of paper, color, cosplay and more. I attended only the Saturday session this year and I left feeling like there was much more to do than what I had time for. Indeed, that’s the best type of conclusion to an event such as this. You don’t want to leave feeling either type of whelmed. Of course, maybe leaving “satisfied” would be the most ideal. However, with so much great stuff to do, it is an unlikely situation.

Anyway, here’s a list of a few artists/stores that I came across that deserve some distinction.

Awkward Animals


Bob Rissetto


P.M.B.Q Studios

There were definitely WAY more talented artists at SDCC, this is just a small sampler. My ankles are swollen and my wallet is empty. I better get going.


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