New Beginnings

It’s been a while since a good update and for good reason. I had originally designed to blog to keep track of my thesis research. Though I was writing a full length play (and that would’ve ostensibly not required research), the themes that I was set to tackle required me to read on the subject as much as I was writing about it. Hence the blog. And, for a while, I did keep up with regular and interesting posts (interesting, at least, in my humble opinion). Then came the fall-out as I began the most intense part of the project– countless hours of writing and revising and crying and writing and revising and eating.

A few days ago I got notification that my thesis was uploaded to my university’s server. I have been published, guys and gals. I am done. Graduate with an M.A. (this reminds me I need to update my ‘About Me’ section) in English, an emphasis in Creative Writing and a full length play as a thesis. PHEW.

However, naturally, I am not done writing. Nor reading. Nor researching.

But this time, as I look for full time work, I’ve set out to redesign this little side project into something more serious and more scheduled. After all, I did like the original idea very much and now, surprise surprise, I definitely have time to pursue anything and everything. Well, within my budget ($0). Speaking of, if I put a donation button, will anyone give me some candy? I guess it won’t hurt to try. I swear it’ll go to books and food, in that order.

So here I am. The return of the prodigal daughter that nobody every really felt was missing.

I’m looking forward to writing, sharing, researching and learning more not only about theater, theory (among them feminist, queer and chicana) and life, but about everything and anything else that does not fall into those categories.



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