The OED and the RAE vs Chicanismos

Are we in need of a Lucero Chicana/o Dictionary(o)? Or perhaps a Real Academic Chicana/o? An Online Borderary?

There’s a Chicanopedia. But it doesn’t seem to compare to the Oxford English Dic (the Bible for English majors) or the Real Academia Esp (the “most correct” of Spanish dialects) in scope. At all.

So if I’m looking for the etymology of the word “gabacho” I must settle for Wikipedia.

In Mexico, gabacho refers to both the US citizens and their country (“El Gabacho”), especially as an alternative to the milder gringo. It became widely used in Mexico during the French occupation as a term to refer to the invading French.

In the United States, the word is used mainly by Chicanos (and by extension, American Hispanics) as a descriptive name for White Americans. It is not widely used or understood by Spanish-speakers in the Americas outside of the USA and Mexico. The term güero or huero is sometimes used interchangeably to describe someone who is pale skinned.

I would need to check these bad boys out for the reference a hard-working Wikipediaer mentions at the bottom of his/her entry.


Anybody care to donate?

The OED yields no results.

The RAE:

gabacho, cha.

(Delprov.gavach, que habla mal).

1. adj. Natural de algún pueblo de las faldas de los Pirineos. U. t. c. s.

2. adj. Perteneciente o relativo a estos pueblos.

3. adj. Dicho de un palomo o de una paloma: De casta grande y calzado de plumas.

4. adj. despect. coloq. francés. Apl. a pers., u. m. c. s.

5. m. despect. coloq. Lenguaje español plagado de galicismos.

6. f. Zam. Especie de dengue de paño que usan las aldeanas.

7. f. El Salv.bata (‖ de los que trabajan en laboratorios, clínicas, etc.).

I’m not even going to pay attention to Urban Dictionary… It’ll tell me nothing new or interesting.

En Chile, le agarraron la onda pero el contenido es de usuario casi-anonimo. No se si creerle al compa Maximiliano o no.

Lastly, in my search I found this site with a small list of Chicano slang and a definition of the word, “gabacho.”

gabacho/a  (also “gavacho”) very insulting term for a white person. In Spain, “Frenchman”.

However, I don’t know… a handful of words and basic definitions.

Is that really what I’m looking for?


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