the border is . . . (a manifesto)

Xenophobia Culture in the 90’s

On the other side of the tortilla Curtain


Guillermo Gómez Peña

the border is . . . (a manifesto)

Border Culture is a polysemantic term.

Stepping outside of one’s culture is equivalent to walking outside of the law.

Border culture means boycott, complot, ilegalidad, clandestinidad, contrabando, transgresión, desobediencia binacional; en otras palabras, to smuggle dangerous poetry and utopian visions from one culture to another, desde allá, hasta acá.

But it also means hybrid art forms for new contents-in-gestation; spray mural, techno-altar, poetry-in-tongues, audio graffiti, punkarachi, video corrido, anti-bolero, anti-todo: la migra (border patrol), art world, police, monocultura; en otras palabras y tierras, an art against the monolingües, tapados, nacionalistas, ex-teticistas en extinción, per omnia saecula speculorum. . . .

But it also means to be fluid in English, Spanish, Spanglish, and Ingleñol, ’cause Spanglish is the language of border diplomacy.


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